ASEE PSW 2019 Conference
College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology (ECST)
California State University Los Angeles
"Inclusive and Engaged Learning: Enhancing Engineering Student Success"
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ASEE PSW 2019 Conference


Click here for Conference-at-a-Glance Program

GE - Golden Eagle Building
USU - Student Union Building

Thursday, April 4, 2019

8:00AM - 4:30PM ELC Meeting - Click here to download agenda JFK Memorial Library Community Room
4:00PM - 6:30PM Registration Desk outside GE Ballrooms
3:00PM - 4:30PM Safe Zone Workshop Click here to RSVP GE Ballroom 1
4:30PM - 5:30PM Hydrogen Station and MakerSpace Tour
5:30PM - 6:30PM Welcome Reception GE Ballroom 1

Friday, April 5, 2019

7:30AM - 12:00PM Registration Desk outside GE Ballrooms
7:30AM - 8:00AM Breakfast
8:00AM – 9:00AM Introduction and Welcome
Moderator(s):Jane Dong, 2019 ASEE PSW Conference Chair
GE Ballroom 1
8:00AM Conference Welcome
Moderator(s):Paul Nissenson, ASEE PSW 2018-2019 Chair
Nick Langoff, 2018-2020 ELC Chair
8:15AM Special Remarks
Moderator(s):Dr. Emily Allen, Dean, College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology, Cal State LA
8:45AM Review of Conference Logistics
9:05AM - 10:20AM Communicating to a Worldwide Audience: How Educators Can Use Social Media in the Classroom
Moderator(s):Helen Choi and Sarah Mojarad
Los Angeles Room (USU)
9:05AM - 10:20AM [ELC Workshop 1] ELC Welcome and Introduction (ELC Members Only)
Moderator(s):Nick Langhoff and Greg Pottie
Alhambra Room (USU)
9:15AM - 10:15AM Paper session 1.1: Community colleges
Moderator(s):Brian Self
1Introducing Emerging Computer Engineering Research to Community College Students through a Summer Internship Project on Development of a Mobile Gesture Recognition System, Xiaorong Zhang, Ricardo Colin, Alex David,Amelito Enriquez,Wenshen Pong, Zhaoshuo Jiang, Cheng Chen,Hamid Mahmoodi, Hao Jiang, Danny Ceron,Kwok Siong Teh[Abstract] [Paper]
2Research Experience for Community College Students: Design and Optimization of Non-Volatile Latch using Anti-Fuse Memory Technology, Hamid Mahmoodi, Michael Gee, Anthony Lal,Alex Hercules,Tyler Sheaves,Amelito Enriquez,Cheng Chen,Hao Jiang,Zhaoshuo Jiang,Wenshen Pong,Hamid Shanasser,Kwok Siong Teh,Xiaorong Zhang[Abstract] [Paper]
3Integrating Collapse Simulation of Building Structures into Internship Experiences for Community College Students , Cheng Chen, Wenshen Pong, Amelito Enriquez,Nicholas Langhoff,Zhaoshuo Jiang, Hamid Mahmoodi, Xiaorong Zhang,Yifeng Xu, Alexander Carlson, Julissa Rico Ruiz ,Karina Reyna, Moises Vieyra, Hao Jiang,Kwok Siong Teh[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 1
9:15AM - 10:15AM Paper session 1.2: Computers
Moderator(s):Kevin Anderson
1Engaging Students with Multiple Representations of Mathematical Models, Pradip Dey[Abstract] [Paper]
2VM High-Performance Computing for Undergraduate Engineering Projects, Shigeo Hayashibara, Forrest Mobley[Abstract] [Paper]
3The Needs and Challenges of Workforce Development in Quantum Computing , Mohammad Amin, Ronald Uhlig, Pradip Dey,Bhaskar Sinha,Shatha Jawad[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 2
9:15AM - 10:15AM Paper session 1.3: Curriculum
Moderator(s):David Lanning
1The On-going Status of The 3+1 Dual Degree Program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering between Northern Arizona University and Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication, Xi Zhou, Fang Lei, Delbert Willie,Andrew Chrysler,Liangbo Xie,Phillip Mlsna,Jie Yang[Abstract] [Paper]
2A cross-disciplinary minor to engage student's creativity and engineering skills , Zoe Wood, Enrica Costello, Aaron Keen, Christian Eckhardt[Abstract] [Paper]
3The Effects of Online Course Design on Student Course Satisfaction, Greg Placencia, Pauline Muljana[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 3
10:30AM - 11:45AM Spatial VisTM: A sketching app with automatic grading to teach spatial visualization skills to introductory engineering students
Moderator(s):Lelli Van Den Einde
Los Angeles Room (USU)
10:30AM - 11:45AM Teaching Techniques Workshop
Moderator(s):Keith Level
Alhambra Room (USU)
10:30AM - 11:45AM The Role of NSF Research Centers in Broadening Participation and Closing the Gap in Science and Engineering
Moderator(s):Gustavo Menezes, Arturo Pacheco-Vega, Ni Li and Gigi Ragusa
Soriano Board Room
10:30AM - 11:30AM Paper session 2.1: Design
Moderator(s):Panadda Marayong
1Improving Machine Design Instruction by Developing Computational Design Tools, David Trevas,John Tester[Abstract] [Paper]
2Engaging Community College Students in Cutting-Edge Research in Topology Optimization, Zhaoshuo Jiang, Adrian Bituin, Krystal Kyain,Yardley Ordonez, Alec Maxwell, Amelito Enriquez,Wen Li Tang, Nicholas Langhoff, Wenshen Pong,Cheng Chen, Kwok Siong Teh, Xiaorong Zhang,Hamid Mahmoodi,Hao Jiang[Abstract] [Paper]
3BOOSTing success through engineering engineering project-based service learning, Deborah Won, Gisele Ragusa, Gustavo Menezes, Adel Sharif, Masood Shahverdi, Ni Li, Arturo Pacheco-Vega[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 1
10:30AM - 11:30AM Paper session 2.2: Design
Moderator(s):Jessica O. Perez
1Bringing students to real-world training environment through service-learning senior capstone projects with K-12 outreach activities, Ha Le, Zhen Yu[Abstract] [Paper]
2Bringing Human Factors into Engineering Education Realm - A Case Study: Teaching Human Factors in Fire Protection Engineering , Lily Xiaolei Chen[Abstract] [Paper]
3Bridging the Gap: Teamwork and Leadership in Engineering Capstone Courses, Matthew Haslam, Mary Beck[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 2
11:45AM -1:00PM Lunch and Keynote Panel - “Student Success through A multi-modal, Technology-Assisted Peer Mentoring Model at Cal Poly Pomona”
Moderator(s):Dr. Angela Shih, Dr. S. Terri Gomez and Dr. Lily Gossage, Cal Poly Pomona
GE Ballroom 1
1:00AM - 2:45PM Poster Symposium
Click Here for Poster Information and Abstracts
GE Ballroom 3
3:00PM - 4:15PM Developing Interdisciplinary Computing Degree Programs
Moderator(s):Belle Wei
GE Ballroom 1
3:00PM - 4:15PM “Do the Flip!” - Using ‘Guided Practice’ for Active Student Engagement
Moderator(s):Ravisha Mathur and Silvia Heubach
GE Ballroom 2
3:00PM - 4:15PM [ELC Workshop 2] Access, Inclusion, and Workforce Retention of Underrepresented Groups Seminar
Moderator(s):Nick Arnold
Alhambra Room (USU)
3:00PM - 4:15PM NSF INCLUDES PI Anna M. Park, CEO & Board Member, “Great Minds of STEM”
Moderator(s):Gustavo Menezes, Arturo Pacheco-Vega, Ni Li and Gigi Ragusa
Soriano Board Room
4:30PM - 5:30PM Paper session 3.1: Exam and homework strategies
Moderator(s):Jessica O. Perez
1Do support sheets actually support students? A content analysis of student support sheets for exams , Shant Danielian, Natascha Buswell[Abstract] [Paper]
2Houston, We Don't Have a Problem: Designing Tools to Develop Intuition, Kaela Martin, Elif Miskioglu, Maciek Czyz[Abstract] [Paper]
3Treating students like adults - can they manage their own grading scheme?, Durul Ulutan[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 1
4:30PM - 5:30PM Paper session 3.2: Flipped courses
Moderator(s):Dennis Derickson
1Impact of varying in-class time on student performance and attitudes in a flipped introductory computer programming course, Paul Nissenson[Abstract] [Paper]
2Iterative Improvement in Flipped Classroom Teaching of Lower Division Engineering Courses, He Shen, Nancy Warter-Perez, Jianyu Dong,Ni Li[Abstract] [Paper]
3Flipping a Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Course, Nicole Wagner[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 2
4:30PM - 5:30PM Paper session 3.3: Mechanics courses
Moderator(s):Chris Beyer
1Incorporating Six Pre-Defined Experiments Using Motion Analysis into Engineering Dynamics Courses, Sonya Dick, Jay Davis, Bradley Wash, Brian Self, Eileen Rossman[Abstract] [Paper]
2Research-informed service-learning in Mechatronics and Dynamic Systems, Farbod Khoshnoud, Dario Robinson, Bruno Quadrelli[Abstract] [Paper]
3Observing Motor Learning and Control through Juggling and Motion Analysis: A Collaboration Between Dynamics and Kinesiology Students, Jay Davis, Sonya Dick, Brian Self,Bradley Wash,Julia Holton[Abstract] [Paper]
Los Angeles Room (USU)
4:30PM - 5:45PM [ELC Workshop 3] Learn about the 2+2 Articulation Agreement and C-ID: Collaboration between the Two-Year Community College and Four-Year University
Moderator(s):Nick Langhoff and Lily Gossage
Alhambra Room (USU)
5:30PM - 6:30PM Informal Network session GE Patio
6:30PM-9:00PM Award Banquet and Keynote Speaker
Moderator(s):Belle Wei, Carolyn Guidry Chair in Engineering Education and Innovative Learning, San Jose State Uni
GE Ballroom 1

Saturday, April 6, 2019

7:30AM - 8:00AM Registration GE Patio
7:30AM - 8:15AM Breakfast GE Ballroom 1
8:15AM-9:00AM Keynote - Towards Equity in Undergraduate Engineering Programs: An Associate Dean's Perspective
Moderator(s):Dr. Jinny Rhee , Associate Dean, College of Engineering, San Jose State University
GE Ballroom 1
9:05AM - 10:20AM Engineering Education Interventions for Large Number of students – Setting up Large-Scale Interventions for Success
Moderator(s):Gustavo Menezes, Emily Allen, and Gisele Ragusa
Los Angeles Room (USU)
9:05AM - 10:20AM Enhancing Success for Limited English Proficient Engineering Students: Teaching Strategies for Promoting Active Communication
Moderator(s):Helen Choi and Katherine Guevara
GE Ballroom 3
9:15AM - 10:15AM Paper session 4.1: Labs
Moderator(s):Jean-Michel Maarek
1Non-Destructive, Remote Control of Industrial Robotic Arm , Aleksandr Sergeyev, Prince Mehandiratta, Scott Kuhl[Abstract] [Paper]
2Laboratory Course Development for Biomedical Signals and Systems, Benjamin Hawkins, James Eason[Abstract] [Paper]
3Development of Versatile Buck Converter Module for Laboratory Experiment in Power Electronic Course, Majid Poshtan, Taufik Taufik, Christian Cross,Robert Halbach[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 1
9:15AM - 10:15AM Paper session 4.2: Teaching strategies
Moderator(s):Colleen Bronner
1Benchmarking SUCCESS: How do non-cognitive and affective factors vary among college undergraduates? , James Widmann, John Chen, Brian Self,Camaryn Chambers, Alidod Ghazvini,Lisa Kusakabe[Abstract] [Paper]
2Assessing Effectiveness of a Ground Rule System for Group Work in Large Engineering Courses, Christine King[Abstract] [Paper]
3Development of a Novel Engine Test Rig for Research and Educational Purposes, Pejman Akbari, Brad Thomas, Christopher Tait,Colby Stark[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 2
10:30AM - 11:50AM Paper session 5.1: Online resources
Moderator(s):Brian Self
1Using GeoGebra to Enhance Student Understanding of Phasor Diagrams in AC Circuits Courses, Siddharth Vyas, Ali Dehghan-Banadaki, Ali Shaban[Abstract] [Paper]
2Student-Created Podcasts in the Engineering Communication Classroom, Harly Ramsey[Abstract] [Paper]
3Benefits of webcasts "Muddy Points" , Jean-Michel Maarek[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 1
10:30AM - 11:50AM Paper session 5.2: Teaching strategies
Moderator(s):Paul Nissenson
1Supplemental Videos for Heat Transfer: How Long? How Many? What Type?, Jim Kuo, Justin Moon, Nancy Warter-Perez[Abstract] [Paper]
2Diversifying Pathways in Cybersecurity through the Design of Holistic Competitions, John Oliver, Cassidy Elwell[Abstract] [Paper]
3A Self-Assessment Based Homework Model , Ni Li, Nancy Warter-Perez, He Shen[Abstract] [Paper]
4Progress on Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Growth Mindset and Belonging Interventions in a Freshman Engineering Class, Jinny Rhee, Camille Johnson[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 2
10:30AM - 11:50AM Paper session 5.3: Outside the classroom
Moderator(s):Pejman Akbari
1Inspiring the Next Generation: Lessons Learned from the National Summer Transportation Institute Program, Yongping Zhang, Ghada Gad, wen cheng,Ahmed Elaksher, Xudong Jia[Abstract] [Paper]
2How was your internship? Stories about the engineering internship experience from five female engineering students, Amy Huynh, Natascha Buswell[Abstract] [Paper]
3BLOCKSCRIPTS -- A Blockchain System for University Transcripts, Ronald Uhlig, Rich Yonts, Benjamin Cashman,Richard Clark, Brett Nieman[Abstract] [Paper]
GE Ballroom 3
11:45AM-1:00PM Lunch and Closing Remarks GE Ballroom 1
1:30PM – 5:00PM ASEE PSW Executive Board Meeting Soriano Board Room


2019 American Society of Engineering Education Pacific Southwest Conference
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