ASEE PSW 2019 Conference
College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology (ECST)
California State University Los Angeles
"Inclusive and Engaged Learning: Enhancing Engineering Student Success"
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ASEE PSW 2019 Conference

Poster Symposium

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Poster Symposium - Friday, April 5th, 2019 - GE Ballroom 3

Poster Board NumberPoster Title and Authors (click on title for abstracts)
1Simple Microwave Oscillator and Phase Locked Loop Projects for a High Frequency Electronic Design Laboratory
Dennis Derickson
2Build Cool Things: A first-year course for students with little-to-no hands-on skills
Mary Cardenas
3Incorporating Entrepreneurship in an Introductory Engineering Course by Generating New Ideas
Mehran Andalibi
4Developing a Mobile Application and Cloud Computing Framework for Gesture Recognition Using Electromyographic and Inertial Measurement Unit Data
Ricardo Colin, Victor Delaplaine, Paul Leung, Danny Ceron, Xiarong Zhang, Alexander David
5Using 360? Virtual Lab Tour for Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Instruction
Kayla Black, Hamza Abbasi, Yitong Zhao
6The Patriot: Design of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Aubrey Harrington, Aaron Richardson, Raigan Morenz, Christopher Milligan, Caitlyn McDowell
7The Value of Video Homework Solutions vs. Recitation Sessions
Justin Moon, David Martinez, Nancy Warter-Perez
8Virtual Reality Simulation of Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Instruction
Elbon Flanagan, Andres Cardona, Yitong Zhao
9Signs of Life in Yellowknife Bay Gale Crater
Zachary McNeely
10Research Experience for Community College Students: Design and Optimization of Non-Volatile Latch using Resistive Memory Technology (Anti-fuse & Magnetic Tunnel Junction)
Alex Hercules, Anthony Lal, Michael Gee, Amelito G. Enriquez, Tyler Sheaves, Hamid Mahmoodi
11Leadership and diversity training in the engineering classroom
John Petrie, Kelly Min
12Educational Photovoltaics and Battery Energy Storage Systems at CalPoly
Ali Dehghan-Banadaki, William Ahglren
13The Implementation of a Distance Triangulation Measurement Device
Devin Moser
14Implementation of Guided Pathways Advising at San Jose State University
Jinny Rhee, Jack Warecki, Smita Dourah
15Building a Collaborative Advising Structure through ECST Advising Council
Jane Dong, EunYoung Kang, Frances Hidalgo
16Using "Learn By Doing" to Overcome Disparities in Prior Computer Programming Experience of Incoming Freshman EE Students
Wayne Pilkington
17Introducing Integrative Project Based-Learning in Electric Circuits Laboratory
Sudhir Shrestha, Parshva Vora, Farid Farahmand
18Lessons from a Cohort-Based Program to Strengthen Retention of Underrepresented Community College Engineering Students
Jenny Le, Nicholas Langhoff
19Implementation of Supplemental Instructional (SI) Program in the College of Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona
Zahra Sotoudeh, Lily Gossage, Katherine Nava, Arturo Rodriguez Salazar
20Lessons Learned from Implementing Supplemental Instruction in Strength of Materials
Danny Clemons, Arman Pazouki, Travis Shihao Hu, Nancy Warter-Perez
21Natural hazard mitigation awareness through 24-hour Design-a-thon engineering competition
Tiffany Cheng, Colleen Bronner
22You Can't Spell SUCCESS without a CC: Examining Non-Cognitive and Affective Factors of Community College and Four-Year Institutions
Brian P. Self, Dominic J. Dal Bello, Eric Davishahl, Matthew Scheidt
23Sensor Monitored Motor
Dawson Moser
24Topology Optimization on High-rise Structures Through Computer Aided Software
Yardley Ordonez, Adrian Bituin, Krystal Kyain, Alec Maxwell, Wen Li Tang, Zhaoshuo Jiang
25Improving design skills, critical thinking, and motivation through an introduction to mechanical design course
John Christopher Bachman, Nancy Warter-Perez
26Simulating a physical therapy balancing test in a Virtual Environment
Maya Martinez, Aenah Ramones, Genevieve Kelleher, Kyle Mazza, Praveen Shankar, Panadda Marayong, Vennila Krishnan
27A Comparison of Team-Forming Approaches for a Year-Long Senior Project
Sarah Harding, Eileen Rossman, Peter Schuster, Brian Self
28Introducing Undergraduate Students to Practical Radio Frequency Techniques and Measurement
Farid Farahmand, Robert Rowlands
29Structural Simulations Under Earthquake Conditions
Alexander Carlson, Julissa Rico Ruiz, Moises Vieyra, Karina Reyna Pardo, Yifeng Xu, Cheng Chen
30Rethinking the role of challenge through problem-based learning
Maria E. Munguia, Arman Pazouki
31Using Cryptocurrency to Increase Peer Mentoring Engagement
Lily Gossage, Scott Chang, Ega Herlim, Eloy Rangel, Ke?airah Benson, Timothy Heng
32Program Assessment based on Student-Generated Questions: An Exploratory Study
Vladimir Prodanov, David Braun, Dale Dolan, and Wayne Pilkington
33Using active learning in a Preparatory Introduction to Mechanics Course
Ni Li, Gustavo B. Menezes, Paul Nerenberg, Seth D. Linker, Emily L. Allen
34Flipping an Introductory C Programming Course
Nancy Warter-Perez, Jianyu Dong
35An Experimental Approach to Two-Dimensional Horizontal Flow Phenomena in Thin Films
Jesse Sanchez, Yanbao Ma, Krishna Shah
36Jetson-Enabled Autonomous Vehicle
Luis Jibaja, Alexis Gilmore, Jose L. Guzman, Thomas Kwok, Hao Jiang
37Green & Complete Streets as an Opportunity for Cross-course Collaborative Projects
Carole Turley Voulgaris, Rebekah Oulton
38Work-Life Balance of Tenured and Tenure-Track Women Engineering Professors
Lily Gossage


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